Monday, November 17, 2008

I gotta write this mess down one day

I swear I have verbal diarrhea. I speak a stream of consciousness and worry about the consequences later.

I forget how it came up, but I was at work talking to one of my male co-workers and somehow, stories of past relationships came up. Oh yes, I remember now. We were talking about how young women are essentially dumb about relationships, and that my history is a prime example.

As I recounted my history, he was literally banging his fist on the desk laughing is ass off. I realized that my dating history is freaking hilarious. I have been in every crazy dating situation you could possibly think of. Its completely the makings of a crazy romantic comedy. One day I'm going to have to write this shit down.

From the guy that proposed to me to get my ass to stay in town to the guy who wanted to follow me back east out of said town, to the dude that was trying to marry my ass to get his Green card, to the older man who spoiled me, but was still married to his crazy wife... I've been through it all. One day, I will write my memoirs, and give the world the laughs of a lifetime

Maybe if people ask nice, I will make it a mini-series on this here blog....


Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

I vote that you make it a series on this here blog

A Go Bytch said...

Hi I'm here by way of (I forgot sorry) and I passed your spot...I know I'm new but I'd like you to go ahead and jot it down and make me feel better about my crazy dating experiences!!!

Go B.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

BBMo', if you make it a series, I will read it and ask all my friends and e-friends to read it as well. I love a good story.

KindredSmile said...

I'm totally asking nicely! I'll even add in some superfluous adjectives:

O awesome and wondrous BBMo, please enlighten the masses with your sage wisdom and sharp wit!