Monday, July 18, 2005

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Journeys In Verse

My public has been asking and I am now going to oblige. People have been asking to have access to my poetry, particularly since I'm not performing much of my spoken word lately. Between work and school, I can barely spend time with loved ones, so unfortunately, my craft has slipped from a place of priority.
To remedy this and appease my restless spirit,
This page is dedicated to all those who believed.
Believed in my talent as writer...
Believed in my talent as a performer...
Believed that I had a God given gift with words...
Believed that it was worth giving up a Friday night to support me on stage...
Believed that not pursuing my writing was folly...
For all those who believed in me...
Peace and blessings...


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Who IS this VAPID WHORE and why should we CARE?

Alright... I have reached critical mass concerning dealing with psudo-celebrity bulls**t. The newest "wanna- be- famous" ass to become a blip on my radar screen... Karrine "Superhead" Seffans (No, I will not desecrate my page with a link to her site... Google her yourself, dammit).

"Who?" You may ask. That is EXACTLY my point.

It seems that this chick's claim to fame is scandalous at best... sordid in truth.

You may have seen this 'lovely lady' grace such cinematic heavyweight pieces such as Mystikal's "Shake It Fast" video (now there's someone who can launch your 'career'), numerous Jay-Z videos (each one distincitve in their own right) and the boxoffice smash "A Man Apart" starring alongside Ice T and Larenz Tate.
But the above listed credits are not her preferred modus operandum toward garnering fame and fortune.
No, no... she is more commonly known among her friends (clients) as SUPERHEAD. No, this name does not suggest and amazing intellect and acadmic prowess (though she claims to have been blessed with both in addition to 'stunning beauty'). Rather, the name suggests exactly the not so innocent behavior you are thinking about. You naughty thing you. ;)

It seems this girl's claim to fame is that she has been invovled in many sordid sexual trysts with many promintent members of the hip-hop community and Hollywood celebrities. Seems she's left her lipstick print on the underwear of everyone whose video she has appeared in, certain Hollywood playboys and some players in the NBA. Yeesh!

Apparently, the lovely Karrine has come out with a tell all book exposing every dirty, nasty detail. Talk about kissing and telling.... hmmm... more like f**king and telling... EVERYBODY. In the whole world. I hope Usher has his lawyer ready... and has been to the clinic for a check up. She was apparently his "Christmas Present" from a member of that pointless group of people that follow him around... you know, the ever important entourage.
I can hear Usher now..."Yo Dawg! Good lookin out! Thanks for the case of herpes!" Actually, she writes that every time she and Usher hit the sheets, he used a condom. Well at least he knew he was bangin' a skank whore. Or as one person put it "the most delightfully well used orfice in hip-hop and Hollywood."

In addition, this "Sperm Depository" is going to make money off of selling the rights to her book for a movie deal. So I guess now she can be classified as a "high class" whore. Maybe we can even upgrade her status to prostitute. It took a little while and a few thousand "tricks," but she's finally going to get paid for all of her hard work.
My major concern about all of this is the fact that she has a 6 year old son. What are the repercussions of mommy dearest revealing all of her dirt to the world going to be for this young man? This ignorant boob has failed to consider the fact that her son is most likely going to be tormented with comments like "I heard your mommy f**ked P.Diddy... and Jay-Z.... and Jadakiss... you're mommy is a ho." Sadly, its the truth. And one way or another, its going to hurt him. Look out future leaders of America... you may have a sexual preditor on your hands in years to come.

Oh, and apparently, she is in a "very satisfying" relationship with none other than Bill Maher. YIKES! Billy Boy, have yourself tested for every STD known to man, ape and swine IMMEDIATELY!!!!

What is the world coming to... Vapid Whores having attention paid to them for being... well... WHORES.

I've spent enough time lacerating this B***H. She deserves no more of my precious time.

This time-- I AM A HATER... AND PROUD OF IT.