Monday, June 29, 2009

The Black Embarassment Television Awards or BBMo goes into Beyonce Roast Overdrive.

I don't have cable, so I didn't witness the tomfoolery for myself... but you FB and Twitter folks were in OVERDRIVE, so I felt like I was watching.
Once again, glad I don't have cable. I would have caved, watched and been quit by my optic nerves immediately following.

But my homegirl was perplexed by Yawnce's entire BEING and we had this text conversation. Sleep deprivation and angst make me go into roast overdrive.

(we call eachother Peabo and Pookie. I'm Pookie-- in Pank and green in honor of her AKA-ness)

Peabo: Pook, help me out here cuz you're the only one who can. Why did Beyonce sing Ave Maria in a teddy? Seems a might sacrelivious to me... confuzzled...

Pookie: BeYAWNce is a horible pathetic excuse for a whole lotta things. iCan't with her 364 days of the year. She gets a pass on her birthday. Triflin lace fron wearing sequined teddy rockin over-singing sacreligious lookin' gal.
Oh and Jigga needs a daym haircut. Upgrade my black AZZ.

Peabo: nuff said.

Pook: Oh, I ain't done. I also blame Mama Tina's tacky bedazzled ass. And A Pimp Named DADDY KNOWLES. Bishop Don "Magic" Juan is either extremely proud of or hatin' REAL hard on Papa Knowles. Pimp game PROPER he is. And Mama Tina is his bottom b*tch.

Peabo: I stopped watching when Yawnce applied her Lee Press-On Tutu. I'll watch bloopers and try again tomorrow.

Pook: Lee Press On Tutu?!?!? THIS is why I don't have cable.

Peabo: No cable?!?! It'll be your maid of honor gift.

Pook: iQuit your wedding. You must hate my eyes and my sensibilities. Find a new maid of honor. I hand over my sash, dress and shoes.

And was anybody REALLY suprised/shocked/mad that BET fugged this ALL THE WAY UP? I mean, Debra L-EVIL and her knockabout slave labor ain't exactly KNOWN for having their 'act right' goin' on in general.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Because he was Michael Jackson..

I just can’t.

A piece of me died along with him.

Say what you will about him… that man was a music revolutionary. An innovator. A genius.
Every time he did something, he changed the game. People scrambled to catch up, while he was moving on to the next thing. He was often imitated… never duplicated. He did what they said or thought could never be done. People have careers SOLEY because he was Michael Jackson

He was so universal, you could be in a country where you didn’t speak the language, didn’t know the culture and didn’t know a single soul, but if you heard a MJ song, you felt like you were home. All of a sudden, you had something in common with a complete stranger from the other side of the world. You had a new friend (this happened to me). Because he was Michael Jackson.

He was so influential, you can’t hear a single new song without realizing some component was lifted from his work. Sampling a track, the style of singing, the dancing in the video (a genre he BIRTHED). He was a style icon. People everywhere just wanted to be close enough to touch the magic. To have a piece of it for themselves. Because he was Michael Jackson.

June 25, 2009. The would lost one of the best parts of it. A sensitive soul. A creative mind. A musical treasure.

In life and in death, he was and always will be… LEGEND.

~Blackberry Molasses in Mourning

Rest in Peace MJ.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cross My Mind/Black Magic Trippin

Why is it that a random chance encounter can totally f*ck with your whole program? Powerful Black Magic has hit me. I inhaled and now the scent is lingering on my breath...

This is what I'm dealing with at the moment. I had an encounter with an amazing individual recently. I was awed and inspired by this person. This unattainable standard. Not unattainable because its out of my scope of abilities to pull someone like that.... but because life basically said "No. Stop. Don't even think about it, Missy."

Which is fine. But the bad part about it is that meeting this individual completely screwed with my mental.

The forbidden fruit is looking mighty sweet... and making my perfectly good regular fruit look like picked over mess.

Some kinda powerful black magic is at work. My girl Nellie told me to give it a few days. I just got back... I will be more lucid after I give it time.

..... but I'm not sure I want to come up from under the dark swell. It feels damn good. That longing feeling. That flirtation. That uncertainty. The fire in my belly. Its been a minute since I've felt this way.

I know it NEEDS to go away. I have perfectly good fruit right here that just wants to be tasted again and appreciated for its nourishment and ability to satisfy. And the fact I am reluctant to partake is making the good fruit feel rotten.

REALLY, iCan't with myself right now.