Monday, June 29, 2009

The Black Embarassment Television Awards or BBMo goes into Beyonce Roast Overdrive.

I don't have cable, so I didn't witness the tomfoolery for myself... but you FB and Twitter folks were in OVERDRIVE, so I felt like I was watching.
Once again, glad I don't have cable. I would have caved, watched and been quit by my optic nerves immediately following.

But my homegirl was perplexed by Yawnce's entire BEING and we had this text conversation. Sleep deprivation and angst make me go into roast overdrive.

(we call eachother Peabo and Pookie. I'm Pookie-- in Pank and green in honor of her AKA-ness)

Peabo: Pook, help me out here cuz you're the only one who can. Why did Beyonce sing Ave Maria in a teddy? Seems a might sacrelivious to me... confuzzled...

Pookie: BeYAWNce is a horible pathetic excuse for a whole lotta things. iCan't with her 364 days of the year. She gets a pass on her birthday. Triflin lace fron wearing sequined teddy rockin over-singing sacreligious lookin' gal.
Oh and Jigga needs a daym haircut. Upgrade my black AZZ.

Peabo: nuff said.

Pook: Oh, I ain't done. I also blame Mama Tina's tacky bedazzled ass. And A Pimp Named DADDY KNOWLES. Bishop Don "Magic" Juan is either extremely proud of or hatin' REAL hard on Papa Knowles. Pimp game PROPER he is. And Mama Tina is his bottom b*tch.

Peabo: I stopped watching when Yawnce applied her Lee Press-On Tutu. I'll watch bloopers and try again tomorrow.

Pook: Lee Press On Tutu?!?!? THIS is why I don't have cable.

Peabo: No cable?!?! It'll be your maid of honor gift.

Pook: iQuit your wedding. You must hate my eyes and my sensibilities. Find a new maid of honor. I hand over my sash, dress and shoes.

And was anybody REALLY suprised/shocked/mad that BET fugged this ALL THE WAY UP? I mean, Debra L-EVIL and her knockabout slave labor ain't exactly KNOWN for having their 'act right' goin' on in general.

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