Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cross My Mind/Black Magic Trippin

Why is it that a random chance encounter can totally f*ck with your whole program? Powerful Black Magic has hit me. I inhaled and now the scent is lingering on my breath...

This is what I'm dealing with at the moment. I had an encounter with an amazing individual recently. I was awed and inspired by this person. This unattainable standard. Not unattainable because its out of my scope of abilities to pull someone like that.... but because life basically said "No. Stop. Don't even think about it, Missy."

Which is fine. But the bad part about it is that meeting this individual completely screwed with my mental.

The forbidden fruit is looking mighty sweet... and making my perfectly good regular fruit look like picked over mess.

Some kinda powerful black magic is at work. My girl Nellie told me to give it a few days. I just got back... I will be more lucid after I give it time.

..... but I'm not sure I want to come up from under the dark swell. It feels damn good. That longing feeling. That flirtation. That uncertainty. The fire in my belly. Its been a minute since I've felt this way.

I know it NEEDS to go away. I have perfectly good fruit right here that just wants to be tasted again and appreciated for its nourishment and ability to satisfy. And the fact I am reluctant to partake is making the good fruit feel rotten.

REALLY, iCan't with myself right now.

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