Thursday, January 26, 2006


So... its my dad's birthday and I'm sitting in our favorite restaurant on someone elses wireless internet (yes, I know... piracy) WAITING FOR MY PARENTS TO ARRIVE.

CPT is a bitch... especially when you are hungry and sitting in your favorite restuarant-- NOT EATING.

Oh, I apologize to the non-coloreds reading this... CPT stands for Colored People's Time.
It is the phenonmenon in which people of non-caucasian descent are simply not able to be on time for scheduled appointments, parties, or even work. Its an inborn programming that dates back to African culture.

In Ghana where my parents are from, when someone invites you over, or you have an event to attend and the host/hostess says 7:00 you inherently know that they mean 9:00 and plan your departure accordingly. Otherwise, you will be sitting there while the DJ is setting up,the food is still on the stove and the host is still in the shower. Case in point-- my parents went to an African wedding in DC a couple of years ago. The invitations said 3:00 PM. The processional didn't start until 4:30 and the bride didn't walk down the asile until 5:15. Now mind you, it was a garden wedding, in July.... yes, that means people were sitting in the hot sun and the bride was 2 HOURS LATE TO HER OWN WEDDING.

Better yet... how about the 1st birthday party for my nephew, Tyrae... THAT STARTED AFTER THE BABY HAD GONE TO SLEEP-- AT MIDNIGHT.

However, this isn't just an African phenomenon... I've witnessed this in my Latino and API friends as well... we just can't be on time!

(I'm mad that I've had enough time to type all of this and my parents STILL aren't here. The host is giving me that "I'm about to cancel your reservation" look... )

Well... looky here... They just walked in. That means its dinner time! PEACE!