Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona- definitely don't want to live there, but do I even want to visit now?

So. My other married/involved gf's and I are starting a new tradition- girl trips. Trips where we leave the fellas at home and enjoy some much needed time together. Our first one this year is to Las Vegas, but we've already started planning our second. I had suggested a sweet little spa I had found on the outskirts of Phoenix. Everyone warmed to the idea- until we realized that we didn't want to go to Arizona.

In case you've been living under a rock, Arizona has passed a controversial immigration law that basically mandates racial profiling. If you get stopped by a cop and they have 'reason to believe' (I.e. You look Mexican) u are here illegally, you must produce documentation or face arrest.
Aside:: I have new love for the Governator. At. Emory's commencement he quipped that he was going to give a commencement speech at U of Arizona, but he was afraid he would get arrested. iDied::

Now, this isn't the first time Arizona has shown its 'bigoted ass'. They were also the state that did not want to make Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a state holiday and didn't get it done until the late 80's (after much debate and loss of conference/travel revenues). Moreover, they were the site where Japanese Americans were held in internment camps during WWII and schools designed to assimilate Native American children and get them to abandon their heritage were established.
In addition, their governor, Jan Brewer, just passed a law limiting ethnic studies classes (African American, Mexican American and Native American studies) an action condemned by the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

Hmmm... After researching all this, Mississippi is looking more welcoming than Arizona. Maybe I can find a lovley plantation style vacation spot for me and my girlfriends

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I'm back with a new attitude....

HI!!! *waves*

Y'all miss me? No? Fine, whatever *kicks rocks*

I'm baaaaaaaack!!! *does celebratory booty dance*

A whole bunch has happened to me since my last post... here are the "uppie daties"...

1. I had major surgery on March 16. This is the main reason I've been incognegro. I've been recovering and taking extra good care of myself... or trying to. Sometimes I don't follow doctor's orders very well. What can I say? I'm hard headed. The surgery went well-- my doctor is AWESOME. She is a Ghanaian (BLACK STARS STAND UP!) gynocologist that specializes in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. That's a fancy way of saying she is a super-OB/GYN. I swear she has a cape in her closet. She's that awesome. I'm feeling much better and am already back to work. This is good because I was all well just in time...

2. To celebrate my 30th BIRTHDAY!!! That's right, I'm officially too old to be foolish now. I have to be a grown up. Its funny, because I still very much feel like a kid. Its true that you are only as old as you feel. Right now, I feel like I'm about 16 (without the angst or the acne). Honestly, 30 feels no different than 29 or 26 or 22... except that I have more wisdom in my tank and less of an ability to stay up till the wee hours. Nowadays, I never see 2 am (unless I have to pee).

3. The Hubbster (hubby) and I have decided to renew our vows, the right way. The first time we got hitched it was as tacky and quickly done as "get hitched" sounds. We were young and impetuous and mostly.... angsty and annoyed with our families. We went to them and told them that we wanted the pomp and circumstance they wanted to give us 3 years ago, but, at the time, we wanted no parts of. So now, I get to do the wedding planning thing for real this time. Oy vey, why did no one warn me? Dresses, flowers, photographers... there is so much to do! I may have to start another blog just to chronicle the whole experience (read: vent online to my e- family because my real family is making me NUCKING FUTS).

4. The world kept on turning while I took time to stand still. I'm done standing and ready to start moving again. I think everyone needs that. In this world of being constantly connected, its nice and NECESSARY to unplug for a while. It gave me time to really reconnect with the people I love, including myself. I made some friends, shed some toxic relationships and set new goals for myself and my relationships. I highly recommend an period of 'deprogramming'. I have a new level of clarity because of it.

That's all for now.... I'll be back with scathing commentary about the world that is in the near future.

Stay beautiful and blessed my loves....