Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hits and Misses II

HIT: The most Gorgeous First Family

I mean really... Just BEAUTIFUL. My lawd, my lawd, my lawd...

HIT: Worldwide Celebrations/Congratulations

It was amazing to see how the world rejoiced over this historic moment. Just moving....

Congratulatory sand sculpture in India

MISS: The CNN Over-Technologicalized (I know it ain't a word... SHUT IT) Broadcast

The 3-D projection of the house was... okay. The 8 million laptops... I got past it But really... holograms of correspondents/celebrities in the studio? Seriously, when I saw them "hologram" in Will.I.Am I seriously was like... Say HUH? The HELL is that?!? Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? What the hell CNN?!! I CALL FOOLYWANG!!!! What happened to the simple yet effective split screen? This is an example of Too Much Money, Not Enough Common F*cking Sense. EPIC FAIL!

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KindredSmile said...

That sand carving is beautiful. We are truly a global society - it's about time America did something right.