Friday, February 27, 2009


So... here is a convo betwixt me and my blogfriend the PBG.

Lord, forgive me, but I really couldn't help it.

BBMo: i just seent the MOST ARID HAIR HAT... on a white woman. I fell out in the middle of the street PBG: good lord
BBMo: it looked completely devoid of all moisture... yet it was blowin in the wind
PBG: probably looked like straw
BBMo: my stomach hurts from laughing... Lord forgive me
PBG: dehydrated cornsilk
BBMo: it looked like a beaver had taken up residence on her head
PBG: minus the silky quite twig like
BBMo: and it was going to jump off and attack somebody
PBG: feral hair hat
BBMo: logging trees and making dams and shyt
PBG: you may need to call the city on all that
BBMo: methinks you are correct Hello? City of Philadelphia? We have an arid beaver problem! Its taken up residence on some woman's head! Call animal control!!!
PBG: "It's finna get meeee! HALP!"
BBMo: girl.. play dead just lay there and try not to breathe it'll sniff you and walk away
PBG: ball up in the fetal position and pray to BBJ that he controls his woodland creatures
BBMo: Please BBJ, be a provider of a nice juicy stack of twigs for this beaver on this woman's head so that it may leave me in peace Amen
PBG: Amen!
BBMo: whooo, I feel better the beaver hat was so scary at me
PBG: i wish u had gotten a pic of it
BBMo: MAN I wish!!!!!I woulda stamped it... EPIC FAIL

We ignant and all kinds of WRONG. Lord Jesus... forgive us...


Luvvie said...

LMAO!!! Bofa y'all r STOOPID for this

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I didn't even know u were gonna blog this foolishness! LMAO!!!

If u see it again and it jumps on you, stop, drop n' roll, BBMo!!