Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If that was your attempt at humor.... EPIC FAIL

Okay folks.... time for another rant. Is it me, or are my co-workers banding together in a madcap plot to piss me the HELL off?? Must be, because they are testing my Christianity right now.

Alright, so part of my job, randomly enough, is producing a quarterly newsletter that gets sent out to local healthcare providers and other insitutions in the public health network.

What is supposed to happen is that I am to ask my fellow workers to contribute articles, so I don't end up writing the whole thing myself. What REALLY happens is... I write the whole thing myself.
In fact, the last issue was LITERALLY authored by yours truly in its ENTIRETY. The reason this happens is because while its a priority to me and maybe the medical director and CDC appointee, everyone else could give a flying fuck. That is... until someone calls and asks why they haven't gotten an issue. THEN it becomes an 'issue' and people look at me crosseyed. So I stare at them right back.

Anywho, all this background leads to what happened today... and why our Program Director can go KICK ROCKS. So, he sends me a laundry list of items he wants included in the newsletter, in particular an item focused on our personnel change. Our former pediatric consultant is doin' it BIG at the World Health Organization and we have a new pediatric consultant. PD man wanted me to include a few notes on our new doc. No Problem.... happy to oblige.

I figured he could give me one or two talking points about her, since he is privvy to her CV... I mean, he hired her after all. The reason I asked him rather than the source is that she is NOT full time, serves in two other positions at two other hospitals... and I still haven't figured out where her desk is. Besides, time is of the essence and she isn't here much, because she is so busy. When she's here, she is holding clinic for our pediatric patients-- off site. Moreover, his exact wording was "Include some points from her CV."

Yeah, so I send him a polite e mail asking for some help and this is the in person response I get back

"Seems to me you should be asking her."

The FUCK?!?!

If this is your attempt at humor homie, you FAIL. EPICALLY. That wasn't funny. It was snide. Your ass NEVER contributes an article (though you call sending me a laundry list of things to include "writing the newsletter for me") and now when I nicely ask for a LITTLE help, you answer me thusly?

I talked to my frat brother, who also works in my department (and has for many years) and he was like "Yep, that's B. Don't take it personal"

But it is personal. The way you relate to people directly influences whether or not they are comfortable around you. And I'm not terribly comfortable around him. Which wouldn't matter all that much except that HE is the person who has to approve EVERYTHING we do. Studies, spending, meetings, etc.... gotta ask B.

I was just reminded why, outside of essential conversation, I NEVER speak to this man. iCan't, iWon't, iShan't.... you ain't putting my spritual eternity and the future of my job in jeopardy cuz your threatened by a woman half your age who has twice the accomplishments... NO SIR.

Ol Stiff Whack Ass Dry Office Humor Lookin' Face....

Okay, I'm better now. Sort of.


Lil Honey B said...

I smell sarcasm.

hirancemi said...

yessir i found it ... and i love how u described b's face.....hilarious