Thursday, October 02, 2008

'you're going to kill the fetus anyway, why not let it go down with the ship?'

- Nathan Lane playing Albert playing Mrs. Coleman in The Birdcage

The title of this entry is what Albert lane dressed in drag as Mrs. Coleman said about the topic of killing abortion doctors. He suggested killing the mothers to stop them from trying to get abortions instead. He and his partner were trying to impress their son's future in-laws, conservative Sentator Kevin Keely and his wife.

S(he) was going to extremes and not really knowing what she was talking about with abortion, because she was drenched in her role as a 'woman' who was essentially sauced on too much wine at dinner.

Well, I'm not sure if she was sauced tonight, but I would have been if I took a shot of the Crown** if every time Sarah Palin said or did one of the following

-Washington Outsider
-'Well, ya know...'
-Hockey/soccer mom
-Mentioned her 'diverse' family and friends to justify her answers
-changed the topic to something she felt prepared to answer, rather than answering the ACTUAL ISSUE presented by the MODERATOR
-shifted the issue back to something after it was clear the moderator had moved on
-said "I agree with you Joe/Senator Biden"
-got a bit snarkier than necessary
-Mentioned Wasilla
-made a low blow "I have ALWAYS been proud to be an American."

So I want people to riddle me this.... who won tonight?

*psssst.... come here. no, closer. i have a secret. the answer rhymes with snow fiden'*

P.S. I KNOW that Biden was holding back to be fair to her. He could have ripped her a new one. I really wish he would have. REALLY.

**I was supposed to be at a watching party getting sloshed while following the Watching Rules. Crown Royal is my liquor of choice in these matters. Matters meaning when I just want to get good and liquored up.

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shatani said...

i also wish he woulda ripped her a new one. i think our guys are playing too nice and its starting to bug me.

and yeah, my co-worker and i spent wednesday thinking up the drinking game...but if we had done it, neither of us woulda showed up on friday! lol