Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Uppity Buppies

So tomorrow I am committed to go to birthday party for a local black talk radio show host. The reason I am going is because my co-worker/friend really wants to go. She's somewhat self conscious and not very outgoing with people she doesn't know, so she is taking me and some other ladies as her posse. Cool. I have no problem with doing this (other than the fact that I haven't worked out since Sunday and I'm getting angry with myself, because I really should go to the gym instead).

I am, however, ambiguous about attending this event. I guess, what it comes down to is this...this venue is going to be crawling with young, educated, professional uppity ass Black people.... and
Uppity BUPPIES make my ass tired. You may be asking what in the hell that is... you might be nodding your head in agreement... or you might be getting a little pissed at me for calling you out (in which case, just KILL yourself now, because no one will care, you Uppity Ass Muthaf**ker.)

Uppity BUPPIES (Black Urban Professionals) are comprised of two groups. Diva dudes (c) VerySmartBrothas and the broads who are vying for their attention (read: throwing their panties at these bitchass dudes).

I am always apprehensive about hanging out with BUPPIES because, while I technically fall into the group, I generally don't like being around these people. They constantly profile, don't mingle outside their group (unless its to approach the most baggable looking member of the opposite sex, purely for the benefit of your peer group) and are generally unfriendly. Moreover, they reek of ego, pretention and hateration. Yeah, why willingly subject yourself to these people?

Now, not all BUPPIES fall into the Uppity category. Hell, I'm not uppity and neither are my friends. We go out with the intention of having a good time, profiling be damned. But its hard to really cut loose when you feel like everyone else is just... not feeling the vibe. Sucking their teeth, rolling their eyes, holding their drinks just so.... GAWD, get OVER YOURSELVES ALREADY. You ain't that fly. Sorry, but you're not. Now get your ass out here and shake a tail feather like you got some sense! Smile and look like you are a nice person trying to have a good time. Humor me!

*sigh* sometimes i hate being a good friend. i really want to bail. REALLY. I still might... maybe I can contract a little head cold by tomorrow night, or something. If I go, I'm going to need a really strong drink mellow me out.Otherwise i'll just come home mad. And since its my hubbie's birthday, I really would rather not come home with an attitude.

*Happy Birthday to the man that has the perfect beats for my lyrics, is the sun to my moon, and spins me like his favorite record. I love you, Baby*

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NaturallyAlise said...

Oooh I hate those folks, you meet them at White parties (ick), galas, afterwork mixers, and at the "upscale club du jour", I avoid those aforementioned events like the plague. I love meeting new people and interacting/mingling with folks so parties where the uppity outnumber my kinda folk I can not stomach. i feel your pain.