Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Way We Were

Got dammnit...

So I was on Very Smart Brothas today and the topic was centered around being sprung. For those of you who don't know, I will give you a definition (*not or anything... this is PURE gospel from the mouth of the Sweet One herself

Sprung adj.- when you have had some *aherm* SOOOOO INCREDIBLY GOOD you go to the brink of damn near insanity doing any and everything to get more. It has you so far off kelter that you overlook your normal "relationship dealbreakers" just so you can have access to that good shit. It also has one or both of you spending exorbitant amounts of resources (be it money, time, or your best friend's credibility**) for another hit. Even after you come to your senses and end it (if necessary) you still reminisce and the memories threaten to destroy (or at the very least make you question a TEENSY bit) what you have with your current sexual relations partner (in my case, my husband-- even though he is QUITE talented).

** this is expounded upon in the the following memory... I don't think she's forgiven me for making her LIE to MY MOTHER**

I didn't want to do it, but I will share my SPRUNG story. Let me preface this (though I usually hate qualifying shit) by saying that this person isn't the only one to have me some kind of sprung. Shit, if my hubby didn't have me sprung, ya think I woulda married him? HELLS NO. But THIS fellow..... GATDAMN! My man better work it tonight because... sheeeeit.... *strained breathing*

Gather 'round the story mat... Its time for the Tale of Trans-Atlantic Booty.

Alright, so for my friends who DON'T know that THIS happened, y'all can't forget that I was and still am Queen of the Creep.

It was junior year of college when I met Spiros (his name ALONE... DAMN). To let you know exactly where my interest lay in regards to this man, I vaguely remember that he was a grad student, though I can't tell you which program he was in. The fabulousness of what happened just made me forget that. Its not important anyway.

Spiros was in the U.S. on a student visa from Greece studying... whatever. I met him and his roomate Ryan through one of my BFFs (not the one I made lie to my mom... I'll get to that in a minute). Spiros was sweet, chivalrous and F**KING GORGEOUS. You know the whole Greek Adonis thing... but he totally didn't know he was hot...and that made him hotter. What made him SMOKIN was that he liked li'l ol' me.

We would hang out in the student union, playing pool after dinner when we should have been studying. He was amazingly good at pool and taught me everything I know. People wonder why I kick ass at 8 Ball... he is the reason.

So of course, teaching one how to properly hold the cue stick, line up shots, do trick shots etc. allows for plenty of bodily contact. I cannot tell you how badly I just wanted to throw his ass on the pool table and "do things" right there. But alas, I was not nearly as adventurous then as I am now.

Okay... now to the good stuff. The first time it happened was completely by accident. It was finals week and I had my Anthropology (fufilling a requirement of some sort) final. Said final was my first one before my hard as balls ones for my major classes, so I spent all my time prepping for those and forgot about this one. Lucky for me, Ryan was a TA in that department and had seen the exam. He wasn't going to let me cheat, but he was going to give me 'pointers' on what I should re read.
Ryan offered to let me come over to his and Spiros' apt to help me study. So I went... not looking that cute because, well, it was FINALS. I get to the apt and Ryan isn't there. Apparently, he had to run to the store. That left me and Spiros by our lonesome. We started talking about finals and how much we both had to study blah blah and he offered me a back rub. Shit, he was in like flynn after that. It was a quickie, but DAMN it was a goodie. He had me seeing abstract colors and shapes, speaking words I didn't know I could, alla dat. I decided right then and there that I needed more of this NOW.

For the rest of spring semester, he and I would hook up on the low. Now you should know that hooking up at a PWI when you are Queen of the Creep involves not only being stealthy, but convincing your partner that while the thought is sweet, DON'T send me little notes through campus mail (all my peoples worked at the service center) or act like you like or even know me. Our 'pool lessons' had to stop. I think Ryan found out and was pissed about it, because I think he liked me too.

Well tragedy occurred. Spiros finished his program, graduated and was going back to Greece that summer. I would have to go through my senior year without THAT. Our "last" night together I literally CRIED the entire time. Besides the fact that he brought on the ALL STAR performance, I was going to miss him... and what he could do!

When he saw how upset I was, he held me and then he had a brainstorm. Why don't I come visit him for the summer? I thought this was a GREAT idea! I wanted to do it. PROBLEM... I was supposed to be going to Spain for the summer with my best friend. He was like, go to Spain and then come to Greece. Its a cheap flight and short! So that is EXACTLY what the Sweet One did. I went to Spain with my girl and then told her I was going to make a quick puddle jump to Greece. She knew about my debauchery and was all for it. **enter jeopardzing credibility** Well, during my first 2 day jaunt, my mother called my friend, er, me. She had wanted to talk to me, because she got a credit alert that my card had been used to purchase another plane ticket. My friend LIED TO MY MOTHER for me and told her we were planning to jump to Greece for a short trip.

MOM: "Where is she?"
BFF: "Oh she's still down on the Plaza Mayor. I'll have her call you back."
BFF to ME (in the middle of 'it' with Spiros): "Girl, call your mother NOW. She's got questions about your dumb ass charging that ticket you used to get your Grecian swirl on!"
ME: "Shit! Well, he asked me to come back again. I'll call her... back up whatever story I come up with."
BFF: "You know, God hates you right now... the D betta be worth it." *click*

And that was the beginning....

After I graduated from college (without Spiros, senior year was-- meh), there was a brief 3 week period before I started my tenure with Teach for America. I spent those weeks GETTIN IT IN, in Greece... on his bill. Turned out he got a bomb job, but decided to continue to live at his grandparents house and save money. We came up with an arrangement and for about a year and a half, every other month I would take a long weekend (once a month if there was an ACTUAL school holiday in between my 'scheduled trips') and fly over the big blue to get the pipe properly laid. The alternate months, he would come to the U.S. and I wouldn't leave my apt for 2 days.

Well, this bliss had to end. We were burning up cash and although the booty was good (DAMN GOOD), that was all we really did with each other. We kinda had a really anti-climactic end. We had been talking about trying to make our 'thing' into a real relationship. We even tried for a spell. It wasn't gonna happen. LDR's are hard. Really hard. Throw an ocean and several time zones into the mix. The only times we talked on the phone were to schedule and coordinate trips and then to reminisce about what we had just done. He was really smart, really sweet and was going to make someone a great boyfriend... but it wasn't going to be me. Not for a lack of trying though. I kinda thought I was in love with him. Maybe I was.... or maybe it was just the D.


Ms Sula said...

Here by way of

And trust me, the detour was WELL worth it!

Now that's an advertisment for Greece, if there ever was one. Their department of Tourism should contact you!

Damn! :)

Blackberry Molasses/The Rebel Intellectual said...

I know right... its a little known secret that Greek (and Sicilian) men LOVE Black women. I mean, North Africa is just across the Mediterranean. They vacation there all the time.

I wanna tell women that are struggling with the men here to get their Mediterranean swirl on... but, like I said, its a SECRET.

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

Oooooo Blackberry!! This story was good as hell!!! I was enthralled, intrigued, amused, and slightly envious of ur tale bout Adonis.

Anonymous said...

I detoured from VSB. Dam ths story has got me all hot and bothered. I want to move to GREECE!