Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Favorite Things

So for those of you, my lovely followers, who care to know... In 8 days, the Rebel Intellectual will be celebrating her 29th B(Earth) Day.

I ain't asking for gifts outright... but people who know and love me... or at least just know me, should know some of my favorite things. You know, just in case. Ask (or hint) not and ye shall recieve not.

Any and everything with peacock feathers--

Earrings, bracelets, shirts, hats, home accessories, floral arrangment pinnings (cuz I do my own floral arrangements. I am fascinated with them and have been for years. My current lust-- I need a new set of peacock feather earrings... my others suffered and untimely death at the hands of Mother Nature.
Ironic T-shirts--

"What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?!" "Meh" "Pi- Its what's for dessert" "STFUniversity" "I am a Pepper" "Token"

Places to find: I love the snark of this website... really, I heart it so

"Urban" Art-- Mainly Justin Bua, as well as the art and photgraphy of my friends Gina and Toine. (check sidebar for their sites)

Cute work out gear-- I'm currently crushing on Jockey's Person to Person line. The clothes are comfy, cute and can go from work out, to errands to lunch with girlfriends completely effortlessly. Oh and their Made to Move pants make my ass look amazing!! My local Jersey rep is a really sweet girl named Kristen. I love supporting women in their business ventures.

Loud azz costume jewels-- pretty self explanitory. I have fallen in love AGAIN with lapis lazuli and turquoise.

Any and all things relating to Ancient Egypt-- my great grandmother was a green eyed, dark skinned beauty (Queen Mutnodjment doppleganger) with kinky curly hair from the Nile Valley. She was most likely brought to the coast by a Bedouin tribe. Anywhoo, I figured my fascination with Ancient Egypt had to come from somewhere. I love books, paintings, papyrus, pictures, stories... anything to do with the great kingdoms. They enthrall me.

These are a few of BBMo's favorite things... what are some of yours?

Reminder... Imma be turing old as dirt next Thursday. But didn't Jay say that 30 is the new 20? That means I'm turning 19!! ha!!!

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