Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey my Lovelies!
This is just a quick ANGRY blog. I am so sick of the police right now. Why? In Philadelphia last night two young boys were murdered execution style. The police are 'stymied' because they have few leads. Their reason for having few leads? "They don't seem to be involved in anything." This is a quote from the investigators that means "Well, they're not drug dealers or gang members or bad kids, so we are stumped."

They are saying that there is no way these two good boys (one volunteered at his church, the other was in the Police Cadet Exploration program) could just be shot senselessly- or for being good kids.

All our children are not deviants, and the ones who behave as such are severely troubled and victims of a system that has failed them. But the police seem to assume that the opposite is true, especially when something tragic like this occurs.

Philadelphia Police= EPIC FAIL on this.

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