Monday, November 23, 2009

Tell me why...

... people are dropping off their teens to go see Precious because they think since Mo'nique is in it, its going to be a funny family film.

Jeebs be some engaged parenting and film research for them

... the Senate healthcare bill that will probably pass within an inch of its pathetic life will STILL fail to address the 40 million uninsured people in this country. At best, it will expand coverage to 10-15 million... at their own expense. At worst, it will raise our taxes and nothing else.

Jeebs be some common f*cking sense. Healthcare reform is needed put pssst... CONGRESS.... YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. Check out Canada, France, Germany... hell the rest of the Western industrial world and take notes on how to do it right.

... Janet is slaying hoes effortlessly at 43... FULLY CLOTHED.

Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and others... check out how to really DO THE DAMN THING.

... people are riding the MJ bandwagon like they were really stanning for him.

Y'all ain't want nothing to do with him when his appearance got too 'weird' and he was falsely accused and acquitted of those child molestation charges. Pssssst... your fake is showing. Tuck it back up under your skirt.

... iCan't listen to the radio anymore. I get embarassed for MYSELF when I hear some of the "music" that is out these days. Yet the kiddos are being subjected to it 24/7 and being told its "hot sh*t".

Music industry.... YOU FAIL.

.... Cartoon Network barely shows what I would call quality animated programming now adays. I believe they officially jumped the shark with Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, and it just got progressively worse. What happened to Mr. 3000? Billy and Mandy? That cute little bug girl show?

CN, you almost FAIL, but I appreciate Adult Swim.

... the Philadelphia Eagles are stinkin up the spot like they are a team with no talent. We are flop sweating talented players (when they aren't hurt) but our offense AND defense can't seem to get their rhythm together... and its week 11.

I blame Andy Reid and his patented version of FAILING at play-calling, talent management, and field ferocity. An unflappable leader is admirable. A leader bereft of a pulse is... *sigh*

Can you tell I'm just in the mood to rant today? Please excuse me.

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