Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Back... with a post about "Precious" weighty issues

Hey Fam!!
I know its been a minute. Life has been crazy for the past couple of months... I won't go into details... just know I'm still here and I'm still standing.

So.... I came to talk about the film "Precious". I'm going to attempt to keep this uncharacteristically short.

Go see it.

This isn't just some blind admonition for you to see a film I think is great... mainly because I haven't seen it yet either (its date night with the hubby and he suggested we go. I lurve him!)

I have read the book, however. I read it almost 4 years ago, and it stripped me bare to the bones then. I couldn't put it down, even though there were so many moments that I wanted to.

If director Lee Daniels honored the literary integrity of this work, this film will be a

The other reason I want people to go see it is because of the film's star, Ms. Gabourey Sidibe. This young woman played Precious so convincingly, people thought this was based on her life (though nothing could be further from the truth... girlfriend was in school for her PsychD before she landed the role of Precious. TAKE THAT!) Moreover, the vitriol that seems to be pouring forth about the young lady's physical appearance is another reason I want people to go see this movie.

In case you didn't know... Gabourey does not fit the 'Hollywood Ideal' of physical appearance.
She's dark skinned. She's not a size 3. And neither of these things seem to bother her one bit. But it sure as hell is bothering a whole lotta people.

Now, I expect foolish comments from internet trolls and ignorant MFers of every stripe... but was is bothering the bajiggers out of me is the derision she is getting from her own...
the so called Black Educated Elite Aristocracy. You know.... a whole group of people who pride themselves on their love for Blackness and the ascension of Black people to a higher plane. Yeah... I've heard and read them say things like:

"The main character's appearance is apalling"
"She can't possibly be happy or well adjusted considering her weight"
"Her career won't get very far and if it does, she will be typecast as the fat funny friend"
"Casting her in the lead role of a major film is celebrating the obesity epidemic in America"
"Her health is in danger- she needs help."
"Gag!" <-- I lie not, someone really wrote this

It seems like everyone EXCEPT Sidbide herself has an issue with her weight. Well, that last statement is not exactly true. They have a problem with the fact that she is starring in a film that is getting Oscar buzz and she has the unmitigated gall to be intelligent, confident and unapologetic about any aspect of herself.

See, because she is FAT, she is supposed to be depressed, unhappy and desperately trying to lose weight.

Miss me with that bullshit. PLEASE!

This is part of the panic that has set in about the fact that there are people who aren't thin... and aren't trying to be thin, who are happy, healthy and enjoying life. It just doesn't jive with folk. Fat people are supposed to be ashamed and hiding themselves from our sight. The are supposed to be the heavy breathing, sweaty, smelly nearly immobile beasts that barely resemble other members of "polite society". They are supposed to be looking to thinness as the solution to their every problem. Looking for love-- lose weight. Need a job--lose weight. Want to have friends-- lose weight. Want to be a better person-- lose weight?

Seems to me people need to lose their funky attitudes. And go see this film. Ha!

To Ms. Sibide I say, Go'head with your bad self girl. Do your thing and forget your detractors. I myself am DYING to see what else you have cooked up for your career.

(aherm.... so much for keeping this short. D'ah well.)


michele. said...

How sad and unfortuante that these so called "intellects" are as ignorant as the white people they probably despise. I think it's beautiful that Hollywood and some of the media have embraced this young actress. Beauty standards need to be knocked down. Her apperance should have nothing to do with her acting talent and obvious intelligence. Us bigger girls are just as happy as the size 0 chick.

I believe that this speaks volumes about how serious sexism is in men and in women, especially in the Black community. There is too much push and pressure about how weight loss and being a stick (again, that ideal of "White beauty" peeks through),is equated with success and happiness. Well, Ms. Sidibe is breaking the mold and I could not be more ecstatic.

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TheBeez said...

Don't even get me started on the superduperignoramusesses that asked Gabby in an interview what it was like growing up in an abusive household. Interviewing + Research FAIL.

They just don't know, don't show, and don't care...about us.

And my word verification was "movedics." *commences giggle fit*