Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lifestyles of the White and Suggestible- Why I'm moving back to Canada as soon as I find a job there.

I'm sorry for the heavy political slant lately, but my gears are constantly being GROUND and iCant anymore.
Besides, I've already sonned KWest and his whiny bitch ass and Li'l Mama's irrelevant self and her delinquent hairline enough yesterday.

Peep this video:

There are so many things that killed me in this video:

DEAD@ The OBESE woman who says she doesn’t have healthcare and she’s ‘just fine’ and healthy. And that if something goes wrong, she has physicians in her family. Really? You have an endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, bariatric surgeon, cardiologist, orthopaedic surgeon and an oncologist at your disposal? I would say your family hit the DNA jackpot, but judging from your exceptionally flawed logic and awkward appearance, y’all were some lucky sumbitches who married well. Or you’re lying your porcine ass off. Unfortunately, ‘lying’ only burns 1.4 calories per average lie. You've got a lot more lying to do

Extra DEAD@ the woman on social security who says she will gladly pay for her own health insurance once the government gets out of ‘everything’ in her life. Um ‘scuse me? Since you are on social security, it follows that if the government gets out of your life, you will be homeless and destitute. Chances are you are on SS, Medicare and Food Stamps. If the gov’t up and leaves ur ass high and dry tomorrow, you mean to tell me you are independently wealthy enough to pay monthly insurance premiums out of pocket? If this is true, then you are JUST LIKE those so-called 'minority breeder welfare system defrauders’ you vilify. Shaddap and SADDOWN somewheres.

REINCARNATED@ the fool who wants ENGLISH ONLY education for immigrants and that immigrants should learn English before they become citizens. Yet as a
natural born citizen himself, cannot spell “diapers” correctly. Yeah. YOU FAIL AT LIFE.

o_O @ Acorn being likened to the Gestapo. Yeah, cuz SS officers were giving credit repair workshops and helping poor people find adequate housing during WW II.

Just MAD @ Muslims ‘raping little boys’/'killing girls for getting education' and Asalam-alaikum being a rallying cry for that. DUMMIES, it means Peace be upon you/Go in peace! Obama being more dangerous than Osama, Glenn Beck being a hero and... UGH!!!

Like I said in my previous post, iQuit right wing conservative America. I cannot, in good conscience, associate with complete and utter FOOLS. Especially since these fools have guns.You know what? I’m calling the NRA today. Not to protest them. To register. I’m gettin a gun license and buying a couple of pump-action shot guns. I need to protect my home and my family for the likes of Teabaggers, Birthers and 9/12-ers. Shit. They scared of me? I’m SCARED OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right wing nutjobs. If they have guns, shit, I’m not gonna be the fool who only has a knife.

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