Monday, August 31, 2009

Questions that make you go... hmmmmmm

**editors note: I don't take credit for the questions. Just the answers. The questions are courtesy of my favorite letter writer to the Metro Dr. Marc Lamont Hill... with his tasty lookin' self. I fancied myself having (and styled this entry as) a conversation with him over coffee. Thank you Marc for being witty... and delish looking. The things I would do to you would shame my ancestors-- whoops, was that out loud?**

Q: Doesn't Terrell Owens' new reality show feel like an infomercial for his straightness?

Wait... you mean to tell me he is NOT GAY/B*tch*ssness personified?

Q: Whose mouth is more of a liability? Joe Biden or Joe Budden?

**ponders** I think the better question is, who is more irrelevant at this point... Biden or Budden?

Q: How telling is it that Allen Iverson still can't manage to find a job?

That's what his arse gets for leaving the Illadelph. We would have gotten you a ring... eventually, my nig. Its called patience! (can you tell I'm still a bit raw about that one?)

Q: Don't you wish Prince would have said something about Michael Jackson's death?

Whose to say he didn't? We haven't heard from a lot of people that 'should' have said something. I'm sick of people pitting stars against each other. Someone died. Someone famous, influential and amazing. But he has passed. Give him (and all the HOOPLAH) a rest. Except for Dr. Murry. He killed The King of Pop. Wear his name out all you wanna.

Q: In a sport of egos and insecurity, isn't it great to see DMac embrace Mike Vick with open arms?

I'm still giving the o_O to the 'open arms' thing. Because seriously... DMac, Vick is like 10 years younger and 3 times faster than you right now. And not as injury prone. Are you SURE you ain't worried about your job? For real? Nigga I KNOW YOU ARE.

Q: Has anyone told 50 Cent that his rap career is over?

iChortled. LOUDLY.
Ol' boy is drowning.... in a sea of his own irrelevance and 'has-been' ness. Not.a.good.look.

Q: Now that they're criticizing 'Cash for Clunkers' for being too effective, don't Republicans officially seem like a party of player haters?

First, I love you for using 'playa hatas' and 'republicans' in the same breath. Smart men are soooo sexy. But for real, they BEEN player haters. This is not new. What's new is that they just don't seem to give a sh*t and they are all bare assed about it now. They are really on some "F*ck it. We hate that a N***er is in the White House and that a Latina is on the bench. And we're going to make sure everyone f*cking knows it. This is OUR club. They were not invited."

Q: Now that they've embarrased themselves at countless town hall meetings, don't congressional Democrats seem like complete screw ups?

To wit.... YEP. Next question.

Q: Doesn't Barack Obama seem more like a traditional politician with every passing day?

Yes. But the better question to ask is... WHY???? I feel like this is the product of two things.
1) He's not the only one running this show.
2) He's privy to a lot more info now than when he was Candidate Obama. That can change things.
I'm not saying its right, I'm saying, it is what it is. And he has done some things that I think it took real guts to do. He's STILL better than McCain.... and DEFINITELY Palin **shudders at the thought of them in the White House**

Q: Does anyone find Robin Williams funny?

Hey! You leave Mrs. Doubtfire out of this!!

Q: Isn't it a shame that the birthdays of Marcus Garvey and Assata Shakur went by virtually unnoticed?

Um... I'm sure the State of New Jersey noticed Assata's birthday in a "Sh*t, we still ain't got Cuba to extradite her and we probably never will!" kind of way.
Score: One big arse Point to Cuba.
As far as Marcus Garvey... I remembered. Does that count?

::aside, if you haven't read Assata or at least ONE book about Marcus Garvey, you will FOREVER get a o_O from me ::end aside

Q: How do shows like "The Game" get cancelled while "Tiny and Toya" remain on television?

Its best not to ask questions like these. You will anger the beast. And your head will explode. I just stopped watching TV that wasn't BBC, Boomerang and NFL A LONG TIME AGO. Saved my sanity. oh and Tiny looks kinda Oompa Loompah-ish-- I'm jus' sayin.

Q: Doesn't Drake feel like hip-hops version of a boy band?

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You WRONG for that one. But... yes. Wheelchair Jimmy from Degrassi feels like the black Backtstreet Boys... all by hisself. But I do think he's actually being tongue in cheek with "Best I Ever Had" and "Every Girl". Its just that women are a little bit stupid and desperate sometimes (read: THIRSTY) and haven't caught the okie doke yet. But yet, they are getting up in arms about his T&A videos. Like we expected anything ELSE from a rapper who is trying to gain credibility in the mainstream.

**This was a great conversation Marc, Thank you! And this coffee was terrific! Illy you say? I love their coffee! Oh, thank you for giving me some! What? You want to have coffee with me again? Tomorrow morning... in my kitchen? Mmmmm... would you like breakfast with that, after you've had dessert?**

Okay, clearly I have problems.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Loves it!!!

MLH said...

thanks for the love. i love having conversations with you - Marc

Blackberry Molasses/The Rebel Intellectual said...

OK... is someone messin with me or is MLH really the good Dr?! Because if your messing with me, there will be HELL TO PAY.

If its really MLH himself... WOWSERS. I'm honored *blushes (well, as much as a chocolatey girl like me can...)*