Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm Just Sayin Though-- Week 1

Yeah, I know its been a minute... a sista's been busy, ok?
So in addition to my sporadic rants on people who make the world a less pleasant place to reside in, I'm making a concerted effort (on the "gentle prodding" of a fellow blogger) to have more regular installments.

So I have decided to have a weekly entitled "I'm Just Sayin Though..." where I will discuss the hand basket we are all in and where its going at such a breakneck speed. This week, in honor of Black History Month we will talk about that giant in the advancement of Black People-- Usher-- and how its time he finally got his due for his contributions (yeah, uh huh... no I haven't been smoking crack, just bear with me. This is good, read on.)

Fresh off his three wins at the Grammy Awards, Usher will be honored again -- this time by his musical peers at the Atlanta Chapter of the Recording Academy. The R&B crooner and civil-rights activist Coretta Scott King will receive the 2005 Heroes Awards at a gala event April 21. Usher and Coretta are being recognized for their contributions to Atlanta's music community.

Ok... I know what you're thinking...

Well now you must understand that Usher has made many many significant contributions to the advancement of Black People such as
1. Perpetuating the stereotype of a happy grinning dancing singing negro
2. Showing people that yes, it is alright to dance on stage in your boxer shorts
3. Telling men, if you have a girl on the side and get her pregnant, but BEG like a mug, your girlfriend might be dumb enough to forgive your ass.
4. Letting Ludacris and Li’l John think they can make slow jams
5. Showing people that wearing shades at night “cuz my future is so damn bright” is an intelligent and safe activity… not to mention high fashion!

I could go on, but why… just look at this short list and you will see why he matches BEAUTIFULLY with Coretta Scott King for this event….

I’m not a hater… I’m just sayin…

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Daddius said...

Hard to find some positive black male role models these days