Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Big Brothers.... Gotta Love Em

In all actual fact, I am an only child. Once I asked my mother why she didn't want any more kids and she told me that when I was born, she and my father looked at me and said "This one's going to be expensive... maybe we should quit while we're ahead." You know what... they were wise beyond their years.

Therefore, I don't actually have any siblings, but I do have what we colored folk term as "play brothers, sisters and cousins." They are not blood relations in any way, but they are people whose families are very close to yours and you grew up with them, or they are people you feel a special kind of bond with in your adult life.

I dedicate this blog to my most recently acquired play brother- Darius* aka "The Pain in My Ass."

Since starting my job here, Darius has been particularly sweet to me... and sour at the same time. Not in that "i want to get in your pants" kind of way, but simply for the fact that something in me sparks something brotherly in him.

And boy, has he been brotherly. He has helped me out in my times of need or frustration, giving me that ever important male point of view on my man issues and helping me along when I get frustrated with my career, or rather, the company I work for. For these, I am grateful. On the flip side of the "brother" coin, he has taken a distinct pleasure in being royal pain in my ass. Everything from mocking my football team (the Philadelphia Eagles Rock Eternally!) to creating delirious hilarity referring to my background (he swears that Cornell is where they filmed the Blair Witch Project) to pointing out and belaboring my little behavioral quirks and endless shortcomings.

And although sometimes I would like to go upside his head with the BLACK side of my hand, I remember that its only out of love. Because for all the times he has made fun of me, he has also reminded me that he's got my back.

And I wanted to say...thanks. :)

*names have been changed to protect the innocent

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