Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last 2 Weeks in 90 Seconds

Well, it should take you about 90 seconds to read this....

Eagles making it to the NFC Championship Game by whuppin the midgets-- GOOD
Being contacted by ex of 5 years past to see if I'm still single/ unwed-- WEIRD
Finding the PERFECT green dress for mom's Sorority's Charity Ball-- GOOD
Realizing I'm going to freeze in said dress--BAD
Refusing to return said dress because I look BANGIN' in it-- TYPICAL
Finding awesome new make-up that doesn't look like make up-- ACCOMPLISHED
Mom's 60th Birthday on the Moshulu-- AWESOME
Being in 12 meetings in 5 days-- ANNOYING
Making a new friend and sharing a drink with them on a freezing Friday night-- VERY COOL (literally)
Having a long weekend--REFRESHING
Being contacted by ex of 4 years to try and get back with me--WEIRD/FUNNY/SAD
Questioning irreversible decsions-- REFLECTIVE
Eagles losing to the Arizona Cardinals-- PAINFUL
Getting several lovely blog shout outs-- NEAT!
Seeing the first child-of-an -African-immigrant-American become President of the United States of America--STIRRING BEYOND WORDS, INSPIRATIONAL, AMAZING, AFFIRMING, ENERGIZING, JOYFUL


niaNaturally said...

Hi Blackberry!! This is the first time I've commented on your blog. What is this great make-up you speak of? I think I have some good make-up, but I am always looking for something new/better.

N.I.A. fabuloussince1982....

Blackberry Molasses/The Rebel Intellectual said...

First, thanks so much for stopping by!! New posts coming soon!

Secondly, I found Make Up Forever's Velvet Finish pressed powder. If you apply it using that little sponge, it will make you look ashy, but if you use a stipling brush (see MAC website) and then dab on some Body Shop Vitamin E Creme on the places you normally glow, it just looks like you woke up with perfect even skin.


niaNaturally said...

Thanks a lot. I will check that out. Gotta fresh for V-Day!!